XF 2.2 Changing ads display order depending on device


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thanks to @djbaxter I learned that it is possible to show more than one ad in the Container Header.

The fact is I already had a clock running in that position and wanted to show an additional ad in between, so I made a test.

I put the banner in the "Container Header" (where I already had the clock) and gave it "display order 1", and "display order 2" for the clock.
This was the result in desktop. Just as desired . Wonderful.


... but not so wonderful when it comes to mobile display


So, if I wanted it corrected I should change order:


... which lead to non desired desktop display


So, my question is, is it possible to add somewhere a conditional which can manage the order of appearance depending on the device?
Let me add I know nothing about coding...

Thank you in advance