Changes to skin colours - do they remain after upgrading?


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Just a quick question. If I were to create several hybrid skins for people to choose from, but the only thing changed is the colours - for example, a default skin (same as this more or less), a pink skin, a green skin, and a black skin - would these remain on upgrading?


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That is the beauty of the Style Properties system as far as I understand.

It really will be a boon when it comes to upgrading :)
Not sure what you mean?

There is one default style out of the box.
Any other styles you create will be new.
When upgrading/updating the software, sometimes we face new features which depend on new or modified templates, so they work as expected. The thing I suggest is to have all those changes highlighted inside the ACP to make the style creators' work easier and more enjoyable. I know that what I suggest can be easily followed from the version log, but a more web-designer-centric software will have a better luck. I hate to see incompatibilities after a minor update. Any developer dedicated to code on a 3rd party software is. The maintainability is the most time-consuming part of software development, so do it right and we'll design and develop. jQuery, MVC are good moves and will be highly appreciated by the design community. Let my fingers be the judge ;)


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So you don't specifially mean styles then, you mean any templates or other files which have been changed from the default.
These could be common to all styles or style specific.

Only the dev's can answer that question.