XF 1.5 Changed Domain Name - Database Error

I registered a new domain name that is more fitting for my XenForo board. I already edited the license on XF and all necessary add-ons, as well as in XenForo itself in CP - Options - Basic Board Info - Board URL, but when I visit the new domain (which is pointed correctly) I get the following:

An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later.

The original domain name is still pointing to that location as well, and works fine. The host is the same, I only renamed the root directory to the new domain to match, and pointed all domains there.

What am I missing to do? Is XF phoning home to xenforo.com and maybe the license simply hasn't fully updated on your side? Not sure what kind of licence checks get done on entry so I don't know what the first step of troubleshooting this one is.

Update: I just realized that the logo and "Home" link still point to the old domain, even though the Board URL field is set to the new one (just checked again) and the Homepage URL is blank. I tried rebuilding all caches in Tools, and loaded the site in Microsoft Edge (which I never use, so it's a fresh cache), but still the new domain set as Board URL doesn't work (above DB error) and the old domain works with the logo linking to the old domain.

Update 2: FYI, the actual HTTP response is a 500 internal server error.

What DB table holds this info, so I can check to ensure it wrote correctly?

Old domain which still works: www.tacticalelites.com
New domain which doesn't work, but is set in CP: www.tactical-gamers.com
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Here's the source of the page that is displayed:

An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later.
<!-- Mysqli statement execute error : Incorrect arguments to mysqld_stmt_execute -->

A screenshot of the CP Basic Board Info is attached.


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I just did a DB export and searched the contents, the only occurrence of "tacticalelites.com" was in my favicon declaration in the PAGE_CONTAINER template, so I changed it accordingly even though that wouldn't throw the error I'm seeing. You can see that the domain pointing is correct because http://tactical-gamers.com/favicon.png is reachable, which is the exact same file as http://tacticalelites.com/favicon.png (pointing to the same directory). There's something about XenForo that is throwing that DB error on access when the domain calling it is tactical-gamers.com.

I have also tried disabling/enabling the four addons I'm using, one at a time. No luck. I'm using:

sonnb - XenGallery
XenPorta 2 Pro (8WayRun.com)
Aayush's Paypal Donate
bd Widget Framework

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Did you set up a new account/user for the new domain and if so did you adjust the config.php with the correct DB details?

Are you running on CPanel or something else?
Did you set up a new account/user for the new domain and if so did you adjust the config.php with the correct DB details?

Are you running on CPanel or something else?
I'm running 1and1, which developed their own front end, but have access to most of what CPanel offers. For the site itself, I didn't change anything besides the domain. The hosting is the same, and 1and1 is the registrar for both domains. They are both pointing to the same directory as well. No need to update config.php since the database is the same. The old domain name can still load the site without issue, the new one cannot.
I pointed another of my unused domains to the same webspace, and get the same issue as with my other new domain. So even though I updated the domain to the new one in the XF control panel, still only the old domain can access the site.

What in XF holds/stores/sends information about the domain requesting the forum to load? That may help in finding the affected file/DB tuple. There's something still looking to see the old domain on page load. Other than the four addons listed above, I'm using PixelExit's Fusion Gamer style. Anything in those 5 3rd party assets that you can think of that would still be tied to the old domain? I updated the license domain in both XF and sonnb XenGallery, as well as PixelExit, and the other add-ons are sold through the XF marketplace so nothing to update.
Thanks Mike, that was the issue. I feel like a total idiot because I had precisely that issue when installing XenForo in the first place, and did think about it this time, but the combination of it being a different error message and those PHP settings not being in each domain's settings but rather in a different section of 1and1 all by itself made me not lend much effort to it. I'm going to blame it on the 2k lines of Python that I consolidated to about 1k yesterday...yeah I'm going to say that's what took my troubleshooting abilities away :) Haha. Anyway, thanks again, you saved the day.