XF 1.4 Change the login phase and user registration page



I'm new to XenForo and have spending some time making some minor customizations with fairly good success, but need a bit of help on this one ...

On the home page, before login ... the phrase says, "Log in or Sign up" ... which is fine. Click that and the login popup appears in above the header ... in this popup, I would like to change the text from "Your name or email address" to "Your Username or email address"

Next, on the Sign Up page, I would like to change the text in the first field from "Name:" to "Username"

Appreciate any help ...




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Almost everything is phrased so you can edit it to suit.

To find a phrase, use the Search Phrases function and enter a snippet of the text in the Text Contains field, e.g. 'Your name or'.
Then you can click on the resulting phrase and edit the Phrase Text to suit.


Thank you ... very nice response for my first request for help. Very much impressed with XexForo and the support. Your solution worked for me very nicely.