XF 1.4 Change text color for category content


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Hello all,

Is it possible to change the text color for category content to another color like black?

Via the color palet or via the options, if I change this one, something else change too like the header where you have the title...
How can I change it without applying the color on other parts?

I'm using the Flexile theme with Xenforo 1.43

URL to my website => bet-clever.com
Please don't ask me to ask for an add-on support cause this one doesn't answer anymore...



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Style Properties -> Forum / Node List -> Category Strip Title

If that doesn't work, you will need to ask in the style thread.


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It is not the title I want to change but the content of the categories.
There is no support anymore for the style, the author doesn't answer anymore.

What shall I do, reinstall another theme?
2 weeks with modifications in the CSS and in some templates, impossible to do that once again from scratch...

No possibility to change the text color via the CSS in the extra.css template?


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The words "general", "presentation",...
Words under "last threads" too if its possible.

I have the same issue with the white part, when I want to change this one, other parts change too. :(