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XF 2.0 Change SEO Page Title of Main Forum Index

Hi guys -

My forums homepage resides at http://example.com/forum/. The only issue I have with this setup is that the page titles are the same - "My Site" on my homepage and "My Site" on my forums index.

How can I modify "My Site" on my forums index page to be "CUSTOM TITLE"? I want to do this via a template or phrase change - not by changing the name of my site within the XenForo settings.

I find many solutions of this, but all are for version 1.5.x or older, and their is little bit of changes in template coding in version 2.0. I am not a coding genius, so please help me with this. May be their are also help topics for 2.0, but unfortunately I didn't find any.

Here is my title code in PAGE_CONTAINER template

<title><xf:title formatter="%s" fallback="{$xf.options.boardTitle}" page="{$pageNumber}" /></title>


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You'd do this by putting this in the forum_list template:
<xf:title>CUSTOM TITLE</xf:title>
I have done these changes in forum_list template and its not working. Still the default forum list title is showing. To check, I have also added custom text in
<xf:h1>CUSTOM TXT</xf:h1>
and it is working fine, but not working for
<xf:title>CUSTOM TITLE</xf:title>
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Now I have solved the problem.
I forgot to change the 'forums' to 'forum' in

<xf:if is="{$xf.options.forumsDefaultPage} != 'forums'">
        <xf:title>CUSTOM TITLE</xf:title>
Because my default forum root page navigation title is 'forum'