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Change Reply to Quote (version 1.0) - For those who don't know to click reply to quote someone :)

So, I've always had a little pet peeve with the 'reply' function on thread posts. It doesn't quite explain the fact that by clicking it you will be able to 'quote' the person's post. Therefore, I've changed the text from 'reply' to 'quote' by changing the phrase. Here's how:

Go to Admin CP > Appearance > Phrases

Then, type "reply" in the filter box and tick the "prefix match" checkbox.

The top result is the one you want to edit. Click it and change the "Phrase Text" to Quote. (Do not...

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This does not occur in other languages​​. In Spanish 'post reply' = responder and 'quote' = citar. I translated both as you say.

¡Ah! thanks.
Doh! LOL, I had copied it from my post there, so I'll upload the pictures here. Thanks for the note!


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