XF 1.2 Change prefix on reply


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Is it possible to have the prefix change on a reply? I am making a private forum where poeple can get support. I would like the status of the subjet to change to "answered" when I reply. Or - more easy for me - have a multiple submit buttons that submit my post and change the prefix according to the button I push.

Hope I make myself clear...

Chris D

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It's not possible by default but it should be possible with an add-on.

Of course there's only a few clicks of the mouse to change a prefix on a thread, though, so that might be easier (and certainly cheaper) than having an add-on developed.

Liam W

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I recently developed a custom addon for @nrep that adds a link/button that changes the prefix when clicked.

He might be willing to share it with you if you ask him nicely...

Be aware that it is his addon, as he commissioned it - so he may not ;)