XF 2.2 Change Phrases


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Hello Team,

I want to change the Phrase "Thread" to "Review"

For that I follewd few steps.

1) Import Language file English (US) click on Get unmodified phrases

2) Open the file in Notepad++

3) Search for the "Thread" and replased it with "Review" and change the Language name.

4) Save as new file with different name.

5) Click on Import --> Select file , Child of Language (None)

6) Click on Import.

But after clicking on Import Button I am getting error.

Please suggest how to achive this. Any tutorial link.

And the error says...?

You should override your language pack while importing it...

But another thing is, you do not have to export the language if you want to change only few phrases. Just search for them, save and thats all.
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