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change logo image on hover

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> logo_block

Rich (BB code):
<div id="logoBlock">
	<div class="pageWidth">
		<div class="pageContent">
			<xen:include template="ad_header" />
			<xen:hook name="header_logo">
			<div id="logo"><a href="{$logoLink}">
				<span><xen:comment>This span fixes IE vertical positioning</xen:comment></span>
				<img onmouseover="this.src='styles/default/xenforo/node-sprite.png';" onmouseout="this.src='@headerLogoPath';" src="@headerLogoPath" alt="{$xenOptions.boardTitle}" />
			<span class="helper"></span>