XF 1.5 Change forum title in address bar - per forum with if/else?


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I'm trying to change my forum titles in forum_view to be more SEO-orientated. But I don't want to change my actual forum category titles.

So I'm assuming I need some if/else thing going on in forum_view? But I'm not skilled enough to work out how.

Can anybody help me?

Steve F

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When editing a node use the URL Portion to set a custom URL to that forum/node.


Edit: I think that is what you meant or is it the title in the tab you want changed?


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Thanks for the reply.

No I mean the meta title, so the bit that gets used in the title in the address bar.

I want to edit it. Some of my forum names are short. Like "Category Name" and the title could be longer SEO-wise and help rank for an extra term maybe if I work it out right. So I'd be looking to not change the actual forum URL, but somehow use the Node ID for various forums to change that. So I can end up with something like "Category Name - The yada yada yada for forum name" as the title in the address bar / browser bar.


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That's what I meant. Bang in Bro. Thanks pal. I'll toy around with it tomorrow see what I can do.