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Change Duration Of Timed Messages - Easily adjust the display time of timed messages.

In my opinion, the timed messages in XenForo are displayed for a too short time. It's almost impossible to read the whole message, before the overlay vanishes. Inspired by Arty's post in this thread, I decided to create a small add-on to adjust the duration of timed messages.

What are timed messages?
View attachment 132999 Picture should make it clear :)

Unzip the archive and go to "List Add-ons" -> "+Install Add-on", choose the unzipped .xml-file and...

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Thank you for the add-on. Your contribution is very much appreciated. I posted the need for it in this thread a while ago. Please, take a look at the suggestion in the last message of that thread. You may consider adding that option in the future as it would allow the timing of notifications to behave in a dynamic fashion (short notices show for shorter durations, longer for longer ones).
Thank you for your suggestion :) I'll have a look at this in the future but I can't tell you if I ever get something like this implemented.
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