XF 1.4 Change duration of top dropdown timed message


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I would like to extend the duration of the top dropdown message that appears when you log in, save changes, etc.


It looks like it appears for about 3 seconds. Is this an easy option to change?

Any help would greatly be appreciated. :)


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Try changing the number in Style Properties > Overlays and Tooltips > Overlay Opening Speed and Overlay Closing Speed.


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Thanks for the suggestion,

But that changed the transition overlays for the member card or when you quick edit a post.

The one I'm after is the dropdown one that appears and closes itself after ~3 seconds after you submit a form for example (e.g. a signature change).


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Its harcoded in xenforo.js:
        XenForo.alert(ajaxData.message, '', 4000);
You can overwrite XenForo.alert with your own function that changes timer, something like this:
var oldAlert = XenForo.alert;
XenForo.alert = function()
  if (arguments.length > 2 && arguments[2] === 4000)
    arguments[2] = 8000;
  oldAlert.apply(this, arguments);