XF 1.1 Change details via date?


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I currently use the code below to display different text/image art different times of the day.

<xen:if is="{xen:time $serverTime, 'G:i'} >= '00:00' AND {xen:time $serverTime, 'G:i'} < '01:30' AND {xen:time $serverTime, 'D'} == 'Mon'">
<a href="{$xenOptions.boardUrl}/pages/OnAir__StephenKennett"><img src="{$xenOptions.boardUrl}/images/presenters/DSCF1157.jpg" style="width: 180px; height:155px; margin-bottom: 5px;"></a><br><a href="{$xenOptions.boardUrl}/pages/OnAir__StephenKennett">Stephen Kennett</a>
Can anyone advise how I can get this to display on different dates?

EG: 14th November, 21st November and the 28th November?

Any help appreciated

Chris D

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The code is similar:

<xen:if is="{xen:date $serverTime, 'd/m/y'} >= '14/11/12' AND {xen:date $serverTime, 'd/m/y'} < '21/11/12' AND {xen:date $serverTime, 'd/m/y'} == '28/11/12'">


You can actually combine the two if you're feeling adventurous.

There's a compiler function called datetime that accepts similar arguments.

So something like:

<xen:if is="{xen:datetime $serverTime, 'd/m/y, G:i'} >= '14/11/12, 17:00' AND {xen:datetime $serverTime, 'd/m/y, G:i'} < '21/11/12, 03:00' AND {xen:date $serverTime, 'd/m/y'} == '28/11/12'">

That would display whatever on the date 14th November after 5PM and before 3AM on the 21st November and all day on the 28th November.

Jake Bunce

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Strictly speaking, I'm not sure how inequality works with two strings. 'string1' <= 'string2' may not work as you expect, but there are no other suitable functions available to the templates.