Lack of interest Change Confirmation Dropdown Time Limit to Option Variable


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I've had many people say they never saw the confirmation message that drops down when actions are performed on the site. I believe it's permanently set to somewhere around 1/2 second.

So, I'd like to suggest putting the time the dropdown notice is shown into a variable somewhere in the site options. Or at the very least increase the time that the messages are shown.


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Voted. I really would like to have control here.
sometimes it take less than a second and that time is not enough to read the info.


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I don't suppose anyone knows what file this can be edited in?
It took me a while to find it and like a dummy I didn't write it down. I believe it's in xenforo.js, something to do with XenForo.alert but I could be wrong.


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OK, this is what I can find to do with the timed message...

           $overlayHtml = $(''
             + '<div class="xenOverlay timedMessage">'
             +   '<div class="content baseHtml">'
             +     message
             +     '<span class="close"></span>'
             +   '</div>'
             + '</div>');

           XenForo._OverlayCache[key] = $overlayHtml.appendTo('body').overlay({
             top: 0,
             effect: 'slideDownContentFade',
             speed: XenForo.speed.normal,
             oneInstance: false,
             onBeforeClose: (onClose ? onClose : null)
Changing the xenforo speed from "normal" to "slow" doesn't do anything, so I tried changing it to a numeric value of 5000, which works, kind of, it fades in and out a bit weird, the div drops down, but the content takes a 5sec fade in, then a 5sec fade out and removing the "effect" is even worse, the div and content take a 5sec fade in, then the whole thing just vanishes in a blink of an eye lmao

I'm not great with js, but if I figure it out, I'll let you know :)