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Basically, what I suggest is this:



So why on earth do I want this silly suggestion you ask? Well, the answer is simple, to make up for grammar rules of non-english languages, in my case, the german language. You see, the phrase "X minutes ago" is used elsewhere in XenForo where the first letter must be upper-case. "5 minutes ago" is "Vor 5 Minuten" in german. But according to the grammar rules, you can't start an upper-case letter after a comma. So the solution to this is to use a hyphen to separate content because upper-case letters after a hyphen is allowed.

Currently, with my language pack this looks this:


German people would shake their heads in agony if they see this. Sadly the comma is hardcoded, so I can't simly change it in a phrase.

In the postbit the name of a user is currently seperated with a comma as well, so I would appreciate it if you address the postbit, too.

There are two possible solutions to this:

1) Update the templates in the next XenForo release (replace the mentioned comma with a "space+Hyphen"

2) Make phrases for commas

I hope you consider this suggestion, that's all :)
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