XF 2.2 Change colors of ACP


Question that is hopefully easy for someone here :) I run a test site of our production forums for me to test changes against and test upgrades before I roll it out to the main site. It is full copy of our main forums site, just dated by a few weeks to a month typically but it allows me to mess around with things and not break the production forums. On the test forums I have changed the logo header bar to red background from the normal blue we use so I do not accidentally make a change on production when I meant it for the beta test site. I typically have a lot of tabs open when I am working on the forums and the color change easily reminds me where I am at. I would like to do the same for ACP on the test site. I changed the name so it says Beta but I was hoping to change the blue there to red as well while not changing the rest of the forums theme. I searched and could not find anything on the support forums talking about this nor could I find it anything in the style properties. Any help is appreciated. thanks!!



hihhm, strange
i tried everything, refresh and emptying the browsercache ...nothing happens.
now i deleted the part for the "debug-mode" in the config.php -> and the acp is green again!

after replacing the debug-mode in the config.php, the acp is still green!

Sorry for disturbing ;-)


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All options list you can find in src/XF/App.php. Find $container['config.default'] substring, then you see all existing options where devs has default values.