XF 1.4 Change color category


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Hello Maru,

What shall I change cause I just want to change the white to a lightgrey?

Please find my sub-heading:

My website to see what I mean with the category font: bet-clever.com

Is it possible to border the white rectangle just near the marges?



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This is for the category title but I want to change the text color of the category content and I have tried almost everything in this menu but it doesn't work... :(


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Style Properties > Color Palette > @contentBackground

However, if you only want to change it on the forum list, add this to your EXTRA.css template, changing the color to suit:

.node .nodeInfo.primaryContent {
    background-color: red !important;


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The first step change the category and the rest around the category (widget sidebar,...) but can we just change the category content avec keep the white outside categories?

Do you see what I mean, outside the category rectangle, the color is the same and I want to keep white for this...
In fact, I just want to change the background color of the category without changing anything else.



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Yes I dont know cause it colors everything on my forum :(
Any idea?
Please find a print scree:

Can you tell me how to change the text color to back?