XF 1.5 Change Addon Data Order In Message User Info Block

I'm looking to swap the positions of the data output of 2 addons (Post Ratings and dbMedal to be more precise) in the user info block on the left side of a post. I've found all the Custom User Fields and default fields like Location, Join Date, and what not in the message_user_info template, I can't however for the life of me find the template that inserts the addon fields (or a place where the addon order is defined).

Any help that can point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


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You will likely need to edit the template modifications, but it depends how the content has been added.

The best place to seek support is in the respective add-on threads.
Awesome, thank you! I wasn't aware of the Addon Template Modifications menu's existence. Is there any way to bypass the "This modification can only be enabled or disabled." setting or are they so strict that my only option would be to place a request with the addon authors?


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You can enable debug mode which will allow you to edit template modifications.

However, the next time you upgrade, they will revert to the original state.
That's perfect, thanks again.

Hope it'll help anyone; to avoid having to deal with all the regex and what not of which I have no decent understanding I simply disabled both message_user_info template modifications from bdMedal and inserted the template include (<xen:include template="bdmedal_message_medals" />) those modifications would have inserted myself in the desired location in the template in question.
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