XF 2.2 Change Ad positions - insert in to content in mobile view


I have html widgets with ad code showing ads in sidebar (stacked in position of "Container sidebar: Above") and they collapse to the bottom of the page in mobile view. Is there any way to have the ads insert in to content in mobile view instead of all showing at the bottom?
I'd be interested in an answer to this too. We wanted to place an advert at the top of the side bar which looks great on a laptop but when viewed on a mobile device it has been demoted to the bottom of the page because of the sidebar order. How can we keep it at the top without needing to put a banner advert under bread crumbs?
This might work If you create two ads and for each one contain in a div and give it a class e.g

For the desktop version in sidebar position:
<div class="desktop">YOUR _DESKTOP_AD_HERE</div>,

then create another one for mobile view and put in a content or post position

<div class="mobile">YOUR _MOBILE_AD_HERE</div>

You can then hide each one depending on width of view


@media (min-width: @xf-responsiveMedium)


@media (max-width: @xf-responsiveMedium)
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