XF 1.3 Centering Sharing options on Sidebar


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I have updated the sidebar sharing options for each social network to show like balloons. I like the final result BUT I would like to center the buttons on the widget area.

here is the css I edited so far:

.sidebar .sharePage .shareControl
padding: 3px;
margin-top: 0px;
float: left;

Its looking perfclty except for the aligment. Just centering those ligned buttons would solve my problems.. but as far as I searched, its not possible to align a "float:left" element..

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.sidebar .sharePage .shareControl {
text-align: center;
Just tried it quickly on my own forum. Seems to work.

Another way, that I don't recommand:
Edit the template: sidebar_share_page
and add <center> and </center> HTML tags to center what you want in this template to be center.
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You CSS suggestion would work but the point is that I'm using a float: left; to position the icons side by side.. The text-align dont work on this case..

I will wait for antoher CSS suggestion instead of edit the template, hehe
And what about
margin-left: ##px;

I know understand what you need.
Tried this one. This will work as I understand your request.