XF 1.5 Centered images destroy layout when opened full


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I have a rule on my forum that every image have to be centered in post.
All images are attachments.
Problem start when bigger image is inserted with attachment=full and user click on it. Image is resized to show full version, but left margin start on position where is center of post area.

When image is inserted in thumbnailed version, than it is open in album view centered on your screen. That is what I want with images inserted in non thumbnailed version, to open in center of screen.

I have a video to show what I try to explain here. Thumbnailed attachment resized picture show up on center of user screen, but non thumbnailed image show up resized but with left margin in center of post, not of screen.

All I have in extra.css regarding images is this:
.message .messageContent .messageText img {
max-width: 350px;
max-height: 350px;

Is there anything I could do with css or something else so full images show up centered on screen when user click on it?



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Found a words for better problem describing :D

How to on click open image, inserted as ATTACH=full, in center of screen.

As you can see here in my test post, image is zoomed but it is not centered in screen, but in post block.
Is it possible that image zoomed centered on screen, not in post block (because post area is not centered on screen)