XF 1.2 Censoring error when adding too many censored words

I found a problem with the Censor table, for some reason it only supports up to a max of around 337 entries and then it displays a security error when adding more than that...Is this a bug? I have more words to add about another 100 or so. No errors in the server error logs either.

The error appears right away after adding the 337th entry or 336th entry. This from manually entering the censored words so I am not using a script or anything to do it.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
This is most likely caused by the PHP ini setting,


I believe there was a similar bug report recently. I can't place it right now. I remember @Mike commenting on it. I'm not sure if that led to some sort of fix, or whether it is purely a case of server configuration and limits.
So it seems like it might be an option I need to change with my PHP configuration in that case? I would rather not have to limit the amount of censored words that I use. Or is this more so an issue with the censor table in the database?