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Censor domain list in outgoing links (AEDE censorship in Spain)


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Sadly, since day 1 Jan 2015, linking to AEDE sites without paying a canon will be illegal in Spain. Google news spain is going to close on 16th of this month.

An addon to block outgoing links from a domain list would be greatly appreciated by spanish XenForo webmasters. I have tried to censor the domains but it renders to broken links.

Liam W

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So, you want an addon that will block links to certain sites specified in some sort of list?

Sounds relatively simple enough :)

However, what's AEDE?


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It would be interesting the possibility to substitute the link for a configurable phrase instead of just remove it.

This addon will give me peace of mind since I don't want to pay because some random user links a site :(


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Very nice although it removes the matching urls and not the full urls of the specified domains. It works on old posts :)

(Donation sent) (y) thank you for this addon.
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