We've had a fair amount of experience with MaxCDN although itching to try this out. We have it on a small old vB forum but looking to try on one of our XF sites shortly. Will keep you guys posted with some urls.



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I've been using for a while now. Happy with their service, and very easy to set up and get working with XenForo.
Certainly. We've been trailing it on a few large vB sites. Looking to role it out to all our large customers shortly including


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This is the support ticket I made.

Q: I would like to enable hotlink protection for my site. I tried it on the dashboard several times and it doesn't seem to be working.

I enabled it in my htaccess on my site which works fine.

BUT the image still shows if someone uses the cdn link.

How do we enable hotlink for and use a default, non-server image?

For instance I want my non-server image to be:

When I go directly to this image from my server, hotlinking protection works:

But from the CDN, it doesn't work at all:

This is their answer.

A. Hi Dre,

When you enable hotlink protection, we will auto append the cdn hostname into whitelist of hotlinking so that the CDN hostname "" will still be able to accessed and it is the only url which allowed to, does it not make sense?

If we do not auto append the cdn hostname to the allow list, and user forget to add the cdn hostname to the allow list, then no files can be delivered through the cdn hostname ""

Chang Sheng Yap


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It sounds like he means that when I enable hotlinking on my server, it disables it for the cdn hostname because if he doesn't then no images will show under the cdn which is a different site... because it's not on the allow list of my server.

So in other words I should ask him, "What's the point of "Enable Hotlinking" if I can't prevent the images from showing outside of both my site and the CDN?"


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Q: Thank you for your swift answer. Okay I'm a little confused. What's the point of "Enable Hotlinking" if I can't prevent the images from showing outside of both my site and the CDN? I don't want my attachment images to show on other sites. I only enabled a CDN to speed up the site for my members overseas.

The objective of hotlinking is to prevent other websites not belong to you) to access "", are you able to replicate this?