XF 1.4 Category Links don't expand forums - what is point of link?

I've been to several other users forums, it seem everybody has category titles out on their index page that dont' do anything. You click,nothing really. Seems it should expand the category. Or am I missing something?


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It's a page anchor, so giving someone the link will jump them to focusing on the page in question. Alternatively, you can set the options to create specific pages for categories, but they won't really provide much advantage either.
Mike - problem is my users have been confused by it not at least expanding the category like the toggle does. I only have 6 categories but 108 sub-forums, so going from expanded to collapsed is slightly important. I'll come back into this thread if I have any issues on the specific pages idea - I'll start with one and see how I feel about it. Thank you much for your support here.
^Poorly worded. I realize having a specific page won't be the same as an expanded category but for the user it will feel almost the same. I think :)


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Expanding/collapsing a category isn't part of the default style, so if that's related to your issue, you may need to contact the style author/add-on developer that has provided that.
I ultimately took a totally different tack - I killed the links of the cateegory titles. Changed the toggle to the vastly more intuitive slanted up/down arrows.

I'm stunned that expaning and collapsing wouldn't be a default - really? Seems it would get incredibly messy and lead to an inhumane level of scrolling down. Depending on the number of child nodes one has.
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Here's how I handled it in UI.X

In UI.X - template "uix_nodeList.css"

Find .nodeCollapsed .uix_collapseNodes .uix_icon:

Replaced line with: .uix_collapseNodes .uix_icon:before {content: "Open/close \f065";}
That is, I removed the ".nodeCollapsed" - really unnecessary in this case.