XF 2.2 Category into the base URL?


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In my installation you have this...


I placed that link into the Navigation Menu and called it Marketplace

Is there any way to have a URL that displays like this?

mydomain.com/marketplace instead of mydomain.com/categories/marketplace.5

Any addons that could do this?


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I figured ir out by myself


Amazing feature from Xenforo (y)

Been a few months now and am getting familiar discovering new things in the admin panel.

When you really study it there are some treasure finds in there.


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Am a bit stuck here, trying to forward

domain.com/ morethreads/?t=1584/


domain.com/ market/username/

Cannot get anything with a ? in the url to work.

I have a feature with a button to click that shows all of a users market posts, I then want to give that user their own url but the ? part in the URL is making it not work.

Any solutions that would help with that?