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Category inside of category


Active member
Hi, is there any way to place a category inside of another category ?

Basically, instead of having a board with subforums, I would like to have a category strip with the boards below it, in a normal display on the homepage.... Pretty much like a table for sports standings


See how they have the red strip (main category) for AFC Conference

Then they have sub-categories (AFC East, AFC North, etc) and then the forums below them (the team names)

This is the type of layout I'm looking for on my forums


Well-known member
I don't see why you shouldn't have this.
Not sure how irt would show up putting a set of Categories inside a top level Category. Whether the secondary Cats would show up as normal with strips. I think so. Have you tried it on the demo here?

The subforums might disappear into a link as default because of being 3rd level. But the mods here would show you how to block that from happening. You could do it with a CSS edit in EXTRA.css I think.


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Thanks for the reply.. I am assuming that some CSS coding might take care of it, just wondering if someone can help with that ...

I tried to do it on my board , and it just shows up in sub forums