MG 2.2 Category Index Page Display


I am into the 'polishing' stage prior to a soft-launch in a few weeks, and am now at the dreaded 'difficult things' stage of tying up a few stubborn changes.

The category display page ( /media/categories/ )is very plain and off-putting, as shown below:

flat category index view.png

Is there a way to introduce a thumbnail image or otherwise change the styling of this flat display to something more attractive? I looked at this plug-in from @Ozzy47 but don't know if it does this--rather it looks like a widget.

Any assistance or suggestions are appreciated!
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The container list and always options both display the flat list. Only 'never' delivers an image--and does absolutely nothing for navigation. The resultant image blocks link directly to an image in the category--not the category itself.
I want to display images from the categories along with a Title link to the category album.

Is that possible?
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