MG 1.1 Category Cover Image

Do you mean album cover image?

When viewing an album, you can click on the "Change Album Thumbnail" link.


From there you can choose which specific image or images within the album become the thumbnail for the album. If you select more than one, the thumbnails cycle through when you hover over the album.
There's no concept of thumbnails for the category. Categories aren't even displayed like that.

There's no equivalent thing.
Yeah, even if with sub categories for the one indicated and didn't allow pics in the main category but only the subs there is no way it seems to have a category cover image. Nor is there a way that if the category is clicked on can we see just a cover image for the sub categories.
I don't know if this is in the realm of your thoughts for Media Gallery but some sort of separation and management like customizing category order like albums would be nice.
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