XF 1.2 Categories display bug after update 1.1.3 => 1.2.3


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Hello, since I spent my forum XenForo 1.1.3 in 1.2.3, my categories are not displayed as before, currently categories is displayed as a simple forum and not a category, how please ?

Exemple :

"Présentation du concept et des règles de jeu" is a catégory and is displayed as a simple forum and not a category :S


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To be consistent with other locations and common set ups, categories only display one level of children now. This is the same when you view sub-forums within a forum for example. There's no option to control this; the code would have to be modified directly.


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Is there a code please?
This type of display is very restrictive for my site, I have a lot of categories and forums in the forum :S

Exemple :

106 sub-forum classed just for this forum :


Do you have a solution for restore the good display please ?