MG 1.1 Categories as Organizing Containers

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In the main forum, you can create nodes that are categories and nodes that are forums. The categories serve as organizational containers.

Is there a way to do something similar in Xengallery? We have migrated our structure in from photopost and one of the issues we are seeing is that some of the Xengallery categories were solely meant to be for organization, but since they are a full category, they look like a mistake since they have no images in them. Ideally, if you clicked into one of the container categories, it would show the subcategories under it. Does that make sense?

Chris D

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Yep, that's an option in each category.

Go into edit each container category in the Admin CP and under "Usergroups that can add media" click "Selected User Groups" and then uncheck all user groups.

That makes it into a container category which will show all media from all child categories.