captcha_log error

I logged in today, and i was notified of an error.

Mysqli prepare error: Table '***************.xf_captcha_log' doesn't exist

It's the first time i have seen this error. Would this be something that was added in beta 6?


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Yes, it's new in Beta 6.
It's related to the new Q&A CAPTCHA feature.

Where did you see the error? Here on or your own site?
my own site, When i clicked the admin panel link it notified me there was an error. So i checked my Server Error Logs in the Xenforo panel and that's what it displayed


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Did you have any Q&A's set up?
There have been a few bugs related to it which are fixed in the next release but if you can provide some more details it would be useful.
Is there anything in the details of the error log?