Capital Letters


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Sorry if this has already been asked but in the admin cp how do I turn off full posts written in capital letters?

Lots of members keep posting thread titles and posts ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS and I don't like it.

I know in vbulletin there was an option to disable it and it made the First Letter Of Every Word In Caps Lock Instead...equally as annoying (yea, i'm anal) but better than people posting full threads/posts in capitals on the forum.

Any ideas? ta


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Ok thanks Brogan, that works for the thread titles, but what about actual posts/messages? people keep replying fully in caps and it looks like they're shouting..any ideas how to turn that off too? :/


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That's not possible.

You will have to just manage your members and tell them it's against the forum rules.

You could probably do it with an add-on so you could request a developer to create one for you.