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XF 1.3 can't vote on polls, checked permissions

Running xf1.3, at least 150 people were able to vote because I see votes cast but I can't vote, nor can my users. Poll is open. Tried unstickying the thread, no difference.

Checked permissions through admincp, all say yes.


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First step to diagnosing the problem would be to run the permissions analyzer to verify the permissions (known to XF) are correct. Past that, you'll want to disable add-ons to verify if the problem persists without them.

Other than that, you'll need to provide details to investigate and test further. You can submit a support ticket with them and I'll look into it.
No, I tested members and admin accounts, their permissions analyzer all say YES but when I test my and their accounts, there's no option to vote. I tried editing the poll to open and close it, also did nothing. Just in case I'm too tired, here is what I see (answers removed). I see no way to vote.


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My apologies, you cannot change your vote once it's been cast. The last poster in my thread said he couldn't vote, I couldn't vote, so I thought something was wrong. It's functioning as it should.