XF 2.2 Can't view users that voted on poll after making choices anonymous

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Ok so this is really annoying. I set up a poll in order to vote for a contest on my website and I set the poll to anonymous votes so other people couldn't see who voted what and influence each other. However, me as the super admin, am not able to see who voted what on the poll? How does this make sense, why would an admin not be able to see the members who voted on on item in a poll on my own website? What the hell? I'm also not able to make the poll voters public.

Is there any setting I can change or anything I can do because this is ridiculous and quite frankly very irritating.


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Well that's absolutely ridiculous and completely nonsensical then. Why in god's name wouldn't an ADMIN be able to do and see whatever he wants on my own forum? What? I hope that is a joke.
Chances are it's because the devs don't like the idea and also either 1) nobody has suggested this functionality be added or 2) someone suggested it and it didn't get enough interest to make it into the core.

That said, there is this add-on which will accomplish what you're wanting to do:

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As far as your second concern, there should never be an option to make votes public after people have voted in confidence anonymously.

Well what could happen is wipe out all votes and start with a clean slate. Then a person that voted anonymously can vote publicly again if they desire.


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Yeah mate you're acting like it's the world cup finals here. Calm down kiddo.
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This has been unchecked the entire time, no idea what you're on about, not related to the thread.
Well what could happen is wipe out all votes and start with a clean slate. Then a person that voted anonymously can vote publicly again if they desire.
No, this is nonsense. Admin should be able to do whatever he wants on his own forum. Stop this.
You can use my add-on to see anonymous votes (paid):
How about instead of shilling your crappy addon which nobody in the history of the world will ever pay $10 for you simply disclose how it works so I can do it manually. No offense but come on.
Good luck getting help on the forum with an attitude like that.
How am I having an attitude? You know this is ridiculous Brogan. You know we reached toxic late stage capitalism when someone seriously wants to get $10 to show poll results on a forum thread. Of course I'm not allowed to show even the slightest bit of disregard or aggression in the neutered internet of 2020 without getting passive aggressive comments in return.
Quite right. Being polite and respectful will get you a lot further, not just on the internet but in life in general as you might learn when you are an adult.
I'll assure you I'm quite far into "adulthood" if you'd be foolish enough to regard such an empty platitude as important, and unlike you I don't run a dead forum with 10 posts on it max. I'll figure out myself how I'm going to behave.
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