XF 2.2 Can't use the word "grant" as last word in a thread title

Danny Fyne

Anyone come across this idiosyncrasy... If I have the word "grant" as the last word in a thread title, clicking on the thread gives a 403 prohibited error.

I can have the word "grant" in the title as long as there is another word following it or it ends with anything but "grant". "Grants is OK as is "grant blah blah". I tried setting up a new database and fresh install of XenForo but it was the same result.

The only other item I'm using is ThemeHouse UIX2 style. They don't think it's anything to do with them so I'm asking here if anyone has seen anything similar?


Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
This isn't a response that is being sent by the software.

Your web server likely has some sort of security in place that takes exception to certain words. Your host or server admin will need to adjust the settings of this.