XF 1.4 Can't upload images


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I could but now I can't! I hadn't messed with permissions or allowable file types. I have removed all image related add-ons & re-visited my permissions & still can't upload. The error message doesn't give any clues.

Can any one advice how to troubleshoot this please?



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Is it just one image or all images?

Is it just you or everyone?

If it was working, what has changed prior to it no longer working?


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All images. There is only me at the moment.

I'd updated to a new version of an add-on. In case that was the cause I removed it & still have the same issue.


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It was & has always been enabled. I just tried with it disabled & uploads work fine. I updated adobe flashplayer a couple of days back following a prompt. Could that be it?


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With flash uploader enabled it works in chrome but still not in my default firefox. I haven't installed any add-on or plugins to my browser recently


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Many thanks. That was it.

Apologies too. I have done this before & had the same problem. I have memory issues so I've put a big note at the top of my migration notes re this.