Cant upload images

when i try upload an image, i choose the category and then select create an album and nothing happens. nothing pops up for me to create an album.

i thought it was my php version so i updated it to 5.4. and it still doesn't let me create an album and upload an image.

i checked all the user permissions and they are all correct as well.

I'm using the latest xenforo and gallery versions

here is a link to the site

I'm sure its something simple. thanks


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Just to confirm, please attempt to upload a small txt/non-image file as an attachment. If that still doesn't work...

That implies that there are incorrect file permissions in data/ and internal_data/. I assume that something changed on your server (or your changed servers) as XenForo wouldn't let you install/upgrade without some degree of this being checked.

Use your FTP client to change the permissions (chmod) the data/ and internal_data/ directories to 0777 (read/write/execute for all). This must be done recursively. Does that solve the problem?
the permissions had write disabled. so ill change that but before it do does recursively mean to check the box of 'recurse into subdirectories' (all files and directories)


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Well if the attachments work (with an email as well), then it's not likely to be that issue -- I made that response based on you responding after me saying it doesn't work, but that may not have been in response to me.

But actually, re-reading what you reporting, it's not an uploading an image issue is it? It's an issue with the JS. It certainly appears to me that the Media Gallery JS hasn't been uploaded, so please reupload the Media Gallery files to ensure the JS is uploaded.