XF 2.1 Can't see nodes



I have a category for "Forum Staff Area" and under this I have two nodes; "General Staff Chat" and "Test Forum". This area is restricted to Administrators and Moderators. The problem I have is that today I cannot see this category or it's nodes,but I could yesterday.
I have been into the node permissions and for Administrators (me) have set everything in the permissions to "Yes" but still cannot see them. I have tried making the nodes private and adding myself with everything in the permissions set to "Yes" but I still cannot see this area.

Does anyone have an idea of what on earth is going on (or wrong) please?

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 13.38.14.png


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Groups and permissions -> Analyze permissions -> Node permissions

Enter your user name and select the category/node in question. It will show you why you can not see the nodes.