Can't save administrator account in ACP 'password incorrect'


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Make sure you enter the current password in the field at the top.

It's a new feature in 1.1.

Moved from bugs to troubleshooting.


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I'm not sure what to suggest. Checked for caps lock? This is basically using the same code as everywhere else for validation.


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Then your password must be incorrect.

I've just tested it on three different installations without issue.


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Checking the password is the first thing I did, of course by now I did that more than once. I can give anyone access if needed.


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If you set up a test admin account, I can log in and see if it works for me.
I can't even do that. I created an account for you, then tried to make it an administrator, I get the exact same error:

Your existing password is not correct."

And believe me, the password is correct. Weird isn't it? Must be something specific to my install. It's either that or something with my computer...

I've send you the login info for my admin account...


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I can't believe I actually missed the field on the top ...

Mike please make empty fields red so we scattered people know wth is going on! :oops:

Thanks for the help Brogan. I need some sleep now... didn't get any last night (it's obvious isn't it?).
I'm glad I found this thread. I agree. That field should catch the users eye. I was using the middle password text box. I was going crazy with this one. Just my 2 cents.


Personally, I can't imagine that people don't see data on a page. It's there, .. clearly available. And that's with my very poor vision. Sorry if that sounds rude, but it's not like the field is hiding or anything.
Well do you expect two text fields asking for a password on a page other than the page to change a password? Especially when it was not there in a the previous version? No it's not hiding but it's not expected either.


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I think it is quite easy to miss as people probably just go right down to the permission area. Maybe the box would be better down below before you hit save.