Can't reply to thread.


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All of a sudden we can't reply to this thread on our forum:

There has been no modifications to user permissions. The thread loads, the reply form loads. However, Preview and Post aren't working. YOu see the working load, then it suddenly stops and leaves you there.

This is a strange bug and has been propping up a lot lately.

Edit: On that thread it works perfectly fine in IE. Now suddenly, Chrome, and Firefox even a fresh install Chrome is throwing a fit even with a cleared cache.

Jake Bunce

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That can be the result of a failed or slow SMTP connection (when sending notification emails on reply). A failed SMTP connection will normally show in the log:

Admin CP -> Tools -> Server Error Log

If the log contains mail errors then you need to check your SMTP info:

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Email Options


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There is nothing in the server error log relating to it. Last error was quite a while ago.

IT appears this has been happening since the last update of Google Chrome. I tested Firefox, Opera, IE10 works fine. Just Chrome 22 seems to be throwing a fit on the node. New thread doesn't work either nor does the skin switcher. In the console it looks like the jquery.min isn't fully loading it just "halts".

SMTP email is not on.