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I was seeing some weird search failures in May but didn't get around to asking for support until now.
At the time, I was searching for posts within a thread which mentioned animation (or animating) and I decided to search for variations on "animat*". I hit some snags and quickly proved to myself that the search was failing to find some posts it should have found. For example, I found that "anim*" was finding a bunch of posts in the thread, but "animat*" was finding nothing at all.

I searched for documentation for XFES and more or less drew a blank. (Surely it exists, somewhere? Even a tooltip in the UI would be great, to help users understand whether or not wildcards are usable, for example.)

Suspecting that the index might be messed up, I wiped it and tried to rebuild, but got an error: "mapper [content_id] cannot be changed from type [long] to [text]" (see also pic below).
For now, the site is running without XFES and the standard search now appears to also support wildcards (could have sworn it didn't do that in the distant past but could easily be wrong).

Advice about how to address this issue would be most welcome - and by that I mean both clues about why the original searches might have produced weird results and advice for how to fix the indexing failures :)
My hope is that our old db (which goes way back to early XF 1 I believe, and was imported from something else before that IIRC) simply contains some fields that are confusing the upgraded 2.x version of the indexer, and that this isn't an indicator of corruption of some kind.
(We have XFES 2.1.4.)

OK, will give that a shot (y)
I may have misunderstood the info in the FAQ (see pic), which seems to say that a spectacularly old version is all that's needed.

ES 7.8.0 installed and the problem is cured, ta!

NB: the "buy" page for XFES also says that ES 2.0 or newer is required. Probably both it and the FAQ need to say 6.x or 7.x?

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