Can't purchase?

I'm trying to buy a license including the media, resource and search addons, but I can't get past the purchase page?
I add to cart, then put all my details in to create a new customer, tick the tickboxes, but when I press 'checkout now' I get a bar at the top apppear saying details saved, then I get dumped back at the page.
Any ideas?
James Screengrab-JR560.jpg


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I just tested it and it successfully refreshed and displayed the checkout page.

This is what you should see next:

Try in another browser if you can.
All sorted, thanks guys :)
On further investigation it seems our office internet is playing up a little today and the load balancer keeps flipping sessions from 1 line to another, so that would explain my sessions flipping across to a different IP and getting reset.
thanks for getting me up and running