XF 1.5 Can't get User Upgrades to work - Paypal issue

This is probably a PEBKAC error but here goes:

I turned on a User Upgrade, entered my Paypal account, and told paypal to use IPN to notify the forum when something happened.

When trying to trigger the upgrade, here is the message we get:


Searches aren't finding any useful information.

This is probably something simple that I didn't toggle. Can someone send me to that setting?

You asked the right question. I didn't notice the day/month/year drop down, so I started with 255 days and got this error. Tried again with 180 days and the same thing.

Switched to 12 months and it went through as expected. So that's where the problem lies, and that's something I can easily avoid. :)


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It should be possible to enter days rather than months.

I'll enquire whether this is a bug.

Edit: Apparently this is a PayPal limitation - there are limits on the max value you can use for each period type.