XF 1.5 Can't get this ad code to work


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Trying to run an exit pop on our site, but this ad code won't work.

First time I've ever had a problem with an ad code from a broker.

When the code renders, no ad appears and it also removes the ID from our ad too.

Here's the code.

<script type="text/javascript" id="rev2exit" src="http://labs-cdn.revcontent.com/build/revexit.min.js?w=10979&p=4407&k=6f96246899552e5b68fb9d19d5ef9229f0f8942b&d=trendingviews.com&t=false&i=none&x=false&z=10"></script>

Once we run the code and view source, we notice that this part is removed: id="rev2exit"

We placed it above the /body tag in the page container template. Then we ran it through Siropu's ad manager. Both produced the same result - no ad appears and it strips the id= part.

Any suggestions?
I did. They said it works on their end, but when we run it on our site, it's stripping the ID and not working.

First time I ever had an issue with an ad code doing this.

Unsure if something in the XF settings regarding css/etc would cause any conflicts.
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