XF 1.4 Can't get past three pages of members activity


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Never had this problem before. The last activity end of page three is from 1pm today, I know there was activity this morning.

Any ideas please? Thanks

Chris D

XenForo developer
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That's quite unusual.

The longevity of news feed items is actually hard coded to 7 days and it is cleaned up periodically. Every hour, in fact, we will remove any entries from the xf_news_feed table which are older than 7 days.

So for you to have less than 7 days may mean that the data has been emptied from there manually, or there is some other process which has removed this. Uninstalling an add-on may touch this table, but obviously add-ons would be aiming to only remove news feed entries they created, but sometimes mistakes happen.

I guess we should check to see how old the oldest item is in that table, could you run this database query?
SELECT news_feed_id, event_date
FROM xf_news_feed
ORDER BY event_date
This should give you the news_feed_id and the timestamp of the oldest item in the table.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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If you can't do it, you may need to consult your host.

Database queries can either be run from your server's shell or by using a web based tool like PhpMyAdmin. Most hosts make PhpMyAdmin available, especially if you use something like cPanel for your hosting.