Cant find this Resource 8thos & SociallyUncensored is using...Popular Content


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Isn't *snip*a site where people download & upload other peoples' hard work for FREE? (without getting permission to distribute)


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Well I did download it, I didnt know it was a paid addon that has been removed. I have np donating for the resource as ive purchased many paid addons here and paid for a ton of custom work.

Which reminds me, I still need a lot more custom work completed! :D


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I didn't know it was a paid add-on, I thought Floris didn't support the add-on any longer , but people still can get access to the old version.
I use most of Floris add-on provided by him for free. He declared that he no longer SUPPORT his add-on therefor closed or deleted most of them.

Adam Howard

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The new one basically tells me you're against censorship. The old one makes me feel like you're a professional hacker from anonymous XD

I do enjoy the old logo but the new one grabs attention in a different way :)
Ironically, a lot of people have told me they like the old one better. But I was under the impression that the old one also scared some people away.

This is actually what I was working on....


But the wreath clashed with my skin background..... And so I was trying to do this


But I confess I could never get that to clean up or look exactly right. Unfortunately there is no known master copy of Anonymous's logo and so all you ever have to work with is pnd or jpg or gif files.

I was going to go with this ^^^ one, but I do not have the proper skill to take it any further.... I still am amazed on how far I took it though. If you take into consideration that I started with this....