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very saddened to hear of the demise of @djbaxter - he only last year updated our forum and did an excellent job. R.I.P. @djbaxter

installed these addons for me but I am unable to locate these mods - could someone please give me direct links tio these add-ons:

‘[XTR] ADD-On File Remove’

[Xen-Soluce] Add-on Archive Improvements

Change Content Owner or Date

Convert image

Convert image all

Index now

Insert attachment

Insert attachment all

Lazy Image Loader

Message manager

Meta Tags

Meta Title

Title tag

Thank you to All
How are you unable to locate them? Just use the search on RM. I guess except for the first one all should be here.

The first one should be on but I think there is an alternative from Ozzy here on XF.
2nd one is here:
3rd one is a very popular one, how you can't find it is beyond me:

And all the rest should be AndyB's addons you can either find on here on on his site where for 35$ you have access to all of his addons.
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