XF 1.1 Can't edit or delete


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I can't manage threads on my active install - no delete/ move etc
I think I had same problem on my test install but can't find the solution I was given here. My posts on Your Content don't go back that far.

I am SuperAdmin
The only usergroup ticked for me is Administrator.
Have checked and this has all permissions.
No other usergroup ticked.

Tried making myself a Moderator. No effect.

Also I set a forum as moderated - sent a post - and it says it has to be moderated.
But no link to do that.
Can't find anything in admincp
The Moderator Queue on top of frontend is showing zero to moderate.

I'm finding this a bit insane. To me as SuperAdmin I should have all powers.
I can see a lower Admin might have restrictions. But why can't I simply do anything I want on my own install?
Yes I read a previous post that said they are different roles - Admin and Moderator but only on some boards with complicated structure. I think this should be a startup option - make superAdmin all powerful! or make SuperAdmin/ Admin/ Moderator distinct roles.

Jake Bunce

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Make sure you are a moderator with appropriate permissions:

Admin CP -> Users -> Moderators

Mod permissions are separate from admin permissions.